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You understand frustration. You've tried to make changes in your life. You've tried to get some control back. But progress has been hard to make.

Maybe you want to quit smoking, or overcome anxiety. Maybe you have an unreasonable weakness for sweet, chips and unhealthy food.

Hypnosis has history of helping make changes to your world from the INSIDE. Hypnosis can help remove anxiety, eliminate cravings and habits and free you from old patterns and behaviors. Best of all, give you a feeling of control over your life.

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Abe Murray

Abe is trained in hypnosis by .... and is a skilled practitioner of the Jeffery Stephens Hypnosis Process.

Abe Murray is a passionate, client-centered hypnotist who combines years of experience with a genuine desire to see the people who come to him get the changes they want in their lives. He had studied various styles of hypnosis, both in institutional settings and on his own, before finding the Jeffrey Stephens method which completely changed his outlook and practice. He feels that the Stephens method is the most effective and direct combination of all of the contributions of experts in the field, being that it gets the client what they came for while doing away with anything superfluous. Abe believes in doing what serves his clients in the most efficient way possible, and that's what the Direct Method is all about.

Abe also brings a degree of insight and intuition garnered over the course of a colorful life in many countries and living close to nature which deepens and enriches the client experience.

Experience Counts

Yes, you CAN make the changes you want. You know that change is possible. You won't face these challenges by yourself. Your path is very simple. Let us guide you there. That is all we do.

As hypnotists we have combined experiences of over 25 years.

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David Barron

David has over 10,000 clinical hours working with hypnosis clients. He teaches hypnosis and is the other of several books on hypnosis and NLP.

His experience in hypnosis has made it possible for thousands of people to become non-smokers, lose weight, and overcome habits.

David has also written several dozen books on hypnosis and the mind. He's taught hypnosis to several thousand students in live trainings and through courses he has written and developed.